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DOB: April 4, 2012

Sire: GCH +*B Sartyr Fox Tripoli  LA 3-04 90 VEE
     SS: SG Loughlin's Voice of a Sly Fox
     SD: SGCH Sartyr Clinton Tivoli 7*M  LA 4-04 LA 93 EEEE, 5-03 FS 92 EEEE
          2010 National Champion & Best Udder
          2009 Reserve National Champion

Dam: SGCH Cisco WWS Mango V8  4*M  LA 6-03 EX92 EVEE
          3-00 305 2800 109 93
          2009 National Champion & Reserve Best Udder
          2008 Reserve National Champion
          Full sister to 2005 & 2006 National Champion
     DS: SG White-Wave Scrimshaw
     SD: CH Cisco Mantica Mango 3*M  LA EX92 EEEE

CA Dreamin', or Cal, was purchased in the fall of 2012 at the ADGA Spotlight Sale.  Thank you to the Wojcik Family for consigning this quality buckling. Cal's sire ties back into the Old English herd through Voice of Reason, Shesastonecoldfox, and Old-English Clinton, just to name a few. His dam is the lovely SGCH Mango V8 who, besides her impressive show career, also has great depth of quality to her pedigree.  We can't wait to see his kids next spring. It is so unfortunate we lost this buck in the summer of 2014 but we are glad we have sons and daughters by him.

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