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DOB: March 26, 1992

Full brother to ++*B Colquitt's Wolfman Jack

Sire: ++B Miss Willa's Nero Wolf
     SS:  Sartyr Doctor D
     SD:  CH Miss Willa's Miss Marple

Dam: SGCH Colquitt's Jenifer *M  LA 2-00 EX90 VEEE
     DS: Cole's C Bar Ranch Maple
     DD: Longden Acres MS Maxim

Jacob sired two lovely daughters who are behind many of the present day's herd: GCH Old-English Irish Lilly 2*M and SGCH Old-English Felicity 3*M. He had 4 daughters appraise EX90. Daughters were tall, level and dairy with excellent width and lovely mammaries - particularly nice fore udders. 14 daughters with 32 appraisals have an average final score of 86.9. While it is true Wolfman Jack is famous for siring great offspring, some believe Jacob's offspring were even better!

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