Old-English Kimberly
Old-English Kimberly as a milking yearling.

ADGA Genetics Database
DOB: April 10, 2018

 Sire: *B Sartyr Drifter Treviator

  SS: Noble-Springs WMV Drifter

  SD: SGCH Sartyr Kojack Trevi 7*M

          LA 4-06 EX 93 EEEE
          2012 ADGA National Grand Champion and Best Udder
          2-09  305  3540    93F  94P

Dam: Old-English Harmony *M

  DS: +*B SGCH Old-English Finnian

  DD:  Old-English Fairthyme



2019 - shown 5x, 4x 2nd, 1x 4th

Such a stylish yearling milker, Kimberly freshened a bit later in the Spring with only a single doe kid, but in the few shows she attended, she usually placed 2nd behind paternal sister Karmann.  Besides her beautifully correct general appearance, we admire all udder traits, particularily udder shape and extension of fore udder.


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