GCH Old-English Fantasy 5*M
GCH Old-English Fantasy 5*M as a 4-year-old
GCH Old-English Fantasy 5*M

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DOB: February 22, 2015

Sire: +*B Old-English Boston
     SS: Loughlin's Talut Tuscan
     SD: GCH Cherrypines Vanilla Bean LA 2-03 91 VEEE

Dam: GCH Old-English Cecily 4*M LA 6-04 90 EVEE
     DS: +*B Des-Ruhigestelle Kentucky Win LA 3-03 91 EEE
     DD: GCH Cherrypines Hooter 3*M LA 5-04 90 EVEE

     2-01 301 3256  105 3.22% BF 98 3.0% Pr
     3-02 267 3159  101  3.2%BF 86 2.7%Pr
     4-00 183 3162 92 2.91%BF 86 2.72%Pr in progress     1st 4 test amounts in 2019 - 17.8, 18.5, 21.1, 19.0

     2-04  84 +VVV
     3-05 EX91 EEEE

 Fantasy, line bred on the late, great, 2007 National GCH Ethel Sweetwater, is a large and heavy producing, yet "typie" 4-year-old.  She surpassed 3000# in her first lactation. Judges were surprised to hear she was a first freshener with that much capacity. We so admire her udder shape and attachments all around as well as her strong medial and lovely teat placement! Fantasy and her sister Elsie, along with their dam, GCH Old-English Cecily 4*M insisit on being first to be milked (must have that grain!!!). She had a good 2nd lactation and is fresh once again in 2019 and off to a great start.

GCH Old-English Fantasy 5*M
 Pictured as a 3-year-old
Old-English Fantasy 5*M
 Pictured as a 2-year-old first freshener

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