emma 4yr 18
GCH Old-English Emma 6*m as a 4-year-old
Old-English Emma

ADGA Genetics Database
DOB: April 3, 2014

Sire: *B Old-English Carlton
     SS: *B Old-English Ashton
          SSS: *B Old-English Colombo
          SSD: SGCH Old-English Zoe' 4*M (to date 2x over 3000# milk)
               SSDD: SGCH Tilly, twin to SGCH Tatiana
     SD: SGCH Old-English Tatiana 3*M LA FS 92 EEEE
          1st Place 3-year-old and Best Udder Saanen 2007 National Show

Dam: Old-English Celena 5*M
     DS: *B Des-Ruhigestelle Winning Ways
     DD: GCH Old-English Zatiana 4*M LA FS 91 EEEE
          DDS: *B Old-English Yuma
          DDD: SGCH Old-English Tatiana 3*M LA FS 92 EEEE
               1st Place 3-year-old and Best Udder Saanen 2007 National Show

     2-00 253 1940 69 3.40%BF 50 2.98%Pr

     2-11 297 2816 94 3.31% BF 79 2.8%Pr

     3-11 305 2910 87 3.0%BF 76 2.6%Pr

            344 3127 98 3.13% BF 82 2.62% Pr extended in progress

     1-02 84 ++VV
     2-01 88 VEVV

     3-02 90 EEEV

     2016 - 3x 1st, 1x GCH

This young doe reminds us so much of SGCH Old-English Tatiana who appears on both sides of this pedigree. If you click the ADGA Genetics Database link above, you will see this pedigree lining also on the very beautiful GCH Old-English Taluhla 4*M, EX93 EEEE, 4-10 305 3040. Heavily lined on the late great SGCH Old-English Jack's Son and thereby also on Wolfman Jack.

GCH Emma is a sharp, angular doe who is quite long-bodied and level over the topline.  She continues to have one of the highest, widest rear udders in the herd.  She has a pleasing udder shape and a long fore udder extention.  Her medial is strong, carrying her mammary well above her hocks.

  GCH Old-English Emma 6*M
Emma as a 3-yr-old

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